Why remote working will prove to be difficult in Africa

Why remote working will prove to be difficult in Africa

COVID-19 has forced the world to adapt to the concept of “working from home” or “remote working”. This is our new reality globally.

However, in Africa, a small minority of jobs are desk jobs that can easily be transitioned into remote working.

What challenges do companies need to anticipate and what solutions do they have? Yusuf Reja, the Founder and CEO of Africa Jobs Network & Kipawa Hub, with his 20 years of experience in the HR sector in Africa, addresses the main issues and delivers key solutions on The Reporter Ethiopia.

1/ Access to the Internet

2/ Access to technology tools

3/ Power or Internet Outage

4/ Lack of a conducive working environment

So as to address the impact on productivity and economic performance in the continent, governments, employers and employees need to work together to craft locally-focused solutions. Read more in The Reporter Ethiopia via this link:  https://www.thereporterethiopia.com/article/why-remote-working-will-prove-be-difficult-africa

Ed.’s Note: Yusuf Reja is the founder and CEO of Africa Jobs Network, an interactive talent search platform focused on employer branding, candidate engagement and improving the recruitment experience. Africa Jobs Network was founded in Mauritius having been backed by a private equity company known as Zoscales. Yusuf is also the founder of Ethiojobs.net, Dereja.com (Ethiopia) and Kipawa (Kenya), which are all part of the Africa Jobs Network. Yusuf has an unparalleled knowledge of the African job market and the challenges facing employers and job seekers in Africa. He is well versed in business knowledge in Africa and is rightly considered oneof thesuccessful entrepreneurs in Africa. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. He can be reached at yusufreja@gmail.com.

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